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Amazing Facts About Wolfs

Interesting facts about wolves
Интересные факты о волках
Wolves have a well-developed hearing. While in the forest, they hear sound at a distance of 9 km. If the wolves are in an open area, they hear the sound at a distance of 16 km.
Before entering the battle, the Vikings drank wolf blood. It was believed that the blood of the wolf would raise morale.
In the south of Europe images of wolves are found. These images are 20 thousand years old. Location - caves.
Ancient animals, from which wolves originated, lived 35 million years ago. These animals resembled dogs. Their torsos were long and their legs short. The ancestors of the wolves were called "Mesocyon".

Интересные факты о волках
Taming a wolf is impossible. He will never become a dog.
Scientists have established that wolves can distinguish between 200 million shades of odors. A mile and a half is the distance that allows a wolf to smell another animal.

Интересные факты о волках
The period of the wolf's pregnancy lasts 65 days. The cubs are born blind and deaf, and they weigh only half a kilogram.
When cubs open their eyes, you can see that they are all blue-eyed. Yellow eyes become in 8 months.
A hungry wolf can eat 10 kg of meat.
Wolves can safely swim 13 km. Help them in swimming webbing between the fingers.
In the 1600s, many wolves lived in Ireland. Therefore, Ireland was called "Wolf's Land."
Интересные факты о волках
The usual speed of a wolf is 8 km / h. Fleeing from pursuit, the wolf develops it to 56 km / h.
The smallest wolves (weighing 30 kg) live in the Middle East. The habitats of large wolves (weighing 80 kg) are Canada, Alaska, Russia.
The wolf howl seems to last. But this is an illusion. In fact, the wolf howl is short, only 5 seconds.
The crows are next to the wolves. For birds, wolves are protection. In addition, food always remains from hunting.
Интересные факты о волках
People rarely attack wolves. The causes of attacks are a threat to animals and rabies of wolves. Rabies wolves get infected from infected foxes, hedgehogs, raccoons.
In the Middle Ages, the plague devastated Europe. The corpses of people did not have time to export. They became the prey of wolves. Therefore, there are tensions between wolves and people.
Wolves have poorly developed sense of smell. That is why it is difficult for them to catch, hiding birds and hares. But tracing the booty on fresh tracks will not be difficult.
In the wolf pack, the mimicry of movement is used in communication. By the "tail" raised by the tail, it is easy to identify the leader of the pack.
The wolf is a wonderful family animal. A wolf pair can survive 12-18 years - the whole wolf life. The wolf is devoted to his life companion, devoted to the family. If the she-wolf is asleep, the wolf is guarding her - guarding her peace.
Интересные факты о волках
Wolves inherent desire for freedom. Once in the trap, the wolf can nibble off his paw and leave. After entering into battle with the enemy, the wolf brings her to an end: either dies or wins.

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